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Thank you everyone for reading! This is the official end of the comic.

If you’d like to support my future endeavours, consider purchasing the PP&P Compilation Pack!

I’ve also sent emails to the 5 raffle winners, so if you didn’t receive an email, then sorry, you didn’t get picked as a winner. But still, thank you for participating in the raffle~

If you wanna keep in touch, I’m Dualdisc#8257 on Discord ;3

As for the quiz, here are the answers~

1. The map with the Rockers is prt_fild07.
2. Lucinda’s weapon is her Red Square Bag.
3. The ranger’s headgear is a Ship Captain Hat/Airship Captain Hat/Ferlock’s Hat
4. The Savage/Flora map is mjolnir_07 or mjolnir_08

As for the Bonus Question, I added this question so that non-RO players are able to participate in the raffle, so anything that has to do with RO knowledge is actually incorrect by default.
The answer is that they’re all Left handed~

Anyway, thank you again everyone for reading! I hope you were entertained~